Marom Consulting provides a unique offering in the employee benefits field. We offer consultative services to corporations using deep expertise, proprietary analytical tools and compelling service levels.

In the field of Employee Benefits, there are over 500,000 agencies and advisors actively soliciting companies to be their insurance broker. Marom Consulting has developed a unique model and is different from other brokers, consultants, and advisors in many key ways:

  • Using a proprietary analytical & reporting application, combined with decades of experience, Marom Consulting delivers high-end consulting to small & mid-sized companies. From this, innovative solutions are identified that help reduce costs and liabilities of benefit plans.
  • Marom Consulting is completely independent (not restricted by a limited set of carriers) and objective (our fee or commission is the same regardless of whether our clients makes benefit changes). We encourage our clients to make positive changes to their benefits package, even if it may mean less revenue for us.
  • We have no sales staff and limited overhead. This frees up resources to spend more on clients.
  • We find “best of breed” solutions and provide these to our clients.
  • Our expertise is focused on Healthcare, Income Protection, and Retirement Benefits. A seamless management and communication of these benefits is provided to you and your employees.

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